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Achieving Your Dreams

Are you a results machine?


Are you someone that makes stuff happen?


Are you super human?


Are you?


The answer is either YES or NO!


Because if you want to achieve those big, huge, ginormous dreams, the ones you have been dreaming about for decades, the ones you have not yet fathomed, the ones you keep dreaming about!


If you are going to achieve them, you are going to have to learn to be a results machine that gets stuff done waaaaaaay faster and way more efficient that you are doing now.


Do you realise that 99.9% of us are working at only 1% of our full potential.   Just 1%.  Can you imagine what we could achieve, what we could create if we just stepped up our game, just doubled our resolve, just became more effective.


Of course you would need to be really, really clear about what you want to achieve first.  You can work that out in and instance.  Just put pen to paper and answer this simply question:


“What do I really want in my life?”


And keep writing out your answers until you have at least 15 items.  Here is my example:


What I really want in my life is to be super healthy, radiant and strong.

What I really want in my life is to work less than 4 hours per day.

What I really want in my life is to add 20 more properties to my portfolio.

What I really want in my life is more excitement and fun.

What I really want in my life is a new weekly pampering routine…..


Now that you have more clarity about what you want in your life its time to get started on making it all happen.


You are going to have to do the work.  You are going to need to create a plan of action, set some deadlines and do the work.


But most people fail because they don’t do the work.  They are inconsistent.  They don’t feel like doing it today, it will get done tomorrow.  But tomorrow never comes.  And so it doesn’t get done.


What one thing, if you focused on it each and every single day, without fail, over the next 30 days, 6 months, 5 years would make a difference in your life.


What if you spent 30 minutes every single day walking the streets, checking out what’s happening in your area, talking to people, learning what’s going on property-wise, do you think you would find an endless supply of deals?  Do you?


And would finding an endless supply of deals make a difference in your property goals?


Or what about exercise.


If first thing each day, you challenged yourself to a set of 5 or 6 different exercises, exercises that grew more and more challenging, exercises that could get done in 20 minutes, exercises that you chose, do you think it would make a difference to how you look, feel, and think within 30 days, 90 days, whatever?


Maybe its not property or exercise, maybe its your online business.   Okay, if you spent 25 minutes every single day creating content for your website, connecting with people online, reaching out, you did that without fail over the next 30 days, 6 months, 5 years would make a difference in your life.


You probably already know what it takes to get you to achieve your dreams.  Only you know what one step that will help you get there faster.  Only you know the second, the third and the 4th steps of what you need to take, consistently, without fail, not matter how you feel, doesn’t matter what your thoughts are, if you did it without fail, consistently would get you to your dreams.


Isn’t it worth it?


Otherwise, you just live and then die?


For what?


My mornings are spent consistently doing the tasks that will make a different in my life.  I focus on them consistently…. and I am making a difference.


What one thing can you do today and each and every day that will get you so much closer to your dreams.


If you are committed then let me know what that one step is!




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