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My True Story

My True Story

So what’s my true story?

I have always wanted success.  I have always wanted the best things in life.  And I still do, so nothing has changed.

When I was about 7 years old I started a savings club at school.  Everyone had to deposit funds into their account and at a specific time of the month all their savings would be returned so they could spend it on fun stuff.   After a teacher heard what I was doing, I was told to hand back everybody’s money and never to collect savings again.  Hmmm!  Since then I have started a slimming club, a raw food club, a how to make money online club – that was the most profitable and easiest to run.  I was generating $5,000 per client for 10 weeks of training online.  I loved it.  And today I am building a website which focusses on mind-set and living the dream lifestyle.

I love teaching.  And oh my God!  I have just realised that I have always wanted to be significant, I have always wanted to be an important element in other peoples lives since I was 7!  Can you imagine that.

So in case you don’t know the two most important values for me are significance and elegance.  And I am getting excited as I write.

So my true message is that you can have and live the lifestyle of your dreams but you are gonna have to put some effort into it.  You can have the best houses, best cars, best husband, best holidays if that’s what you truly desire.  You are gonna need to put some effort in to achieve it though.

The effort I am putting in is through property.  I love property and I am using myself as a guinea pig to show you that if you develop your mind-set and learn property investing strategies you can have it all.

So what’s your true story?

Send me a quick post and let me know………

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