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Rent 2 Rent – How to Increase Your Self -Belief

How to Increase Self-Belief

When it comes to building your property empire it can take a lot of work.  And what I notice about some of my mentees and clients is that they get stuck!

They get stuck and stop doing the work.

They stop making the phone calls to the letting agents.

They stop sorting out the administration necessary to keep things moving.

They stop researching for more deals online.

And one of the biggest stoppers is self-belief!  Really, self-belief can stop you in your tracks.

I’m consistently having self-belief issues….at least once a week.  Once a week I’m unsure whether I am doing the right thing.

I’m not sure whether people are reading my posts!

I’m not sure if I will ever get another rent2rent deal!

I’m not sure I’ll be able to minimise my voids!

I’m not sure my tenants will like my service!

Sometimes you can go through this whole drama spiral in 30 minutes… or sometimes it can last for weeks.    But guess what?

It’s normal.

Everyone goes through the same stuff.  Even mentors who have years of experience.  These are the people who are teaching others, they are generating thousands of pounds per month, their knowledge is huge.

Even experience property investors.  They’re only human and they go through the same stuff.

No matter what their experience or how long they’ve been around… they too have self-belief issues.

We all do!

So we need to recognize that this stuff…. It’s normal.

But if its holding you back then you need to sort it out.  And you need to sort it out now!

You can get a mentor.

Or you can internalise it and meditate.

You can journal about the issue.

You can spend some time writing down exactly how you feel.

But at the end of the day….

It doesn’t really matter.

You just need to get back into action.   You need to get back to work.

When you follow through with the actions you get results.

And the thing that stops you from being in action is likely to be lack of self-belief.

So consistently is the key.  Put in the daily effort.

Keep showing up day in and day out.

Do the work. And suddenly you will get results.

So if you are struggling with self-belief…

Firstly, recognised that it’s normal.  That’s really part of every day life.

Secondly do the work anyway.

If you need to go internal, you will need to do some sort of journaling, or some kind of meditation, but it needs to be done consistently.

Do it at the very beginning of the day.

Take 20 minutes.  Just write out what you feel.

Then get into action.

Action creates clarity.

Action creates certainty.

Action creates confidence.

Then you need to set to work.  Sometimes you will still feel the fear.  You still feel you’re not worthy.  You still feel insecure.  You still feel vulnerable.

But when I get days like this, I just get into action and usually after the first 15 minutes I am ready to take action.

Get into action right now and the results will come.

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