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Rent 2 Rent – My True Values

My True Values

I feel so overjoyed this morning ……

You wanna know why?

Because I have just been reminded of the importance of knowing my values.

My true values!

The values that make me different from everybody else! Little nuances that identify me as me!

Values that point me in the right direction and are mega, super important!

Values that I’m so truly passionate about that sometimes I want to cry with joy and excitement.

Values that make my stomach churn with delight. My true values!

These are the values that make me soooooo self-aware.

These are the values that make it so much easier for me to live a successful and fruitful life.

In case you’re not sure, personal values are important to each and every one of us.

They help us to understand why we’re so unique from one another.

And the process of discovering your personal values involves not just discovering what you’re passionate about but also finding out what’s really important to you.

It’s what has you feeling excited?

It’s what would you spend the rest of your life doing?

My mentor’s core values are “flow” and “alignment”!
And she lives, breathes, and sleeps her values.

Volvo, the international car manufacturer’s core values are safety and reliability!

The technology giant Apple’s core value is innovation!

Each of the above examples are known for their values.

“Significance” is one of my personal values. It’s important for me to play a significant role in the lives of my family and the people I meet without being brash or extravert about it.

I love to inspire and teach… I know a thing or two about successful strategies. I use them. I live by them. I practice them.

I am successful in property and mind-set mastery.

Hence my blog and website which talks about mind-set and property successes.

Another important value to me is “elegance”. I admire elegant things, real high quality and sparkling things; (pearls, Range Rover Sports jeeps, Prada bags, 4 bed houses, men, exotic holidays….).

I have made it a priority to achieve these things because they are so important to me. They are part of who I am.

Significance and Elegance are my values.

These are my true values.

So how will they manifest themselves going forward for me?

1. I love to teach as I have already said. My first goal is to show others how they can get into property and earn significant incomes without the need to buy property or spend huge amounts.

2. Mind-set has played such an instrumental role in my life and I want to teach others how they can transform, control and attain whatever it is they want using mind-set mystery.

3. With regard to elegance, it’s time to upgrade my lifestyle. It’s what I have always wanted… Why not do it now! What’s the point of waiting? Life is for living now and I want to be surrounded by elegance.

So first off start searching for my new home!

4. Set up and maintain my blog which is a great outlet for my teaching and for getting my true thoughts and ideas out there.

I feel in total alignment. I feel in flow. I feel as if I am following my true, really true passion and purpose.

I feel content and I feel happy. All because I know and understand my values.

Do you know what your values are?

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