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Rent to Rent – Stop worrying if you go off track from your routine

I’m annoyed with myself this week because last week I didn’t stick to my marketing plan!

I didn’t do as I promised!

Last week I got distracted by something else.

After a full week of being busy, I overlooked calling the letting agents in my goldmine area and letting them know I was still looking for a rent2rent deal.  I missed out on developing my relationship with the agents who know me by name to remind them that I am here… and waiting for the next deal.

I’ve been involved in rent2rent for over 2 years and I know what I need to do to find a great deal.  I know that phone calls are important and phone calls are one of the easiest methods that work for me of find the next deal.  But to be effective my phone calls need to be consistent and regular and I have a spreadsheet which monitors my regular contact.

But gosh…… I’m human!   It really doesn’t matter how long I’ve been involved with this strategy.  It doesn’t matter how good or bad I am at my work.  Life just happens and sometimes stuff gets in the way.  Sometimes I just don’t get to do the stuff I know I should do.  It doesn’t really matter…. Does it?  Aren’t I allowed one distraction once in a while?  So I am going to eliminate the disappointment.  Gone!

So what has been the consequence?  What is the fallout of me know picking up the phone last week, for 30 minutes a time and contacting my people.  Hmmm!  I suppose one of the consequences of not making any calls last week is that I did not source one single deal last week.  I did not get one rent2rent offer last week.  It means I’m behind on my target deals for the month.  I need a specific minimum number of deals to attain my target and being distracted with some other task doesn’t work for me.

What was my distraction?  I have a big time developer with over £10m to invest and he’s asked me to source him a property deal in Central London.  He is looking for a specific type of property and I said I would source him these deals and I started last week.  It’s exciting and lucrative stuff and so I allowed this new challenge to distract me from my goals.

Okay, is there any point in beating myself up about the distraction in my sourcing?

No not really!

Absolutely no point!

I know I failed but it’s okay.

On the whole I am very disciplined with my sourcing and marketing tasks.  I spend a specific amount of time on sourcing, on maintenance, on dealing with tenant, on ensuring all rooms are filled.  I have a routine and I am very good at sticking to it.  But I was so excited about this new challenge that I allowed myself to get distracted.

There is no point in feeling negative about what happened last week.

The last 7 days are gone.

Over and done with.

And it really doesn’t work for me to beat myself up.  So…. All done.

Let’s look forward.

I will be back in action next week.  I will get back on to the daily work that I put into sourcing rent2rents.

So what am I trying to say today?

Stop worrying if you go off track from your routine.

Sometimes stuff happens.

Get back on track as soon as possible and if spend the majority of your time on the things that need your attention then it doesn’t matter.


Next week I will source 2 or 3 deals to get back on track.

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